WoH Coordinator: Position Explained

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WoH Coordinator: Position Explained

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Knowing that Halcyon is now the WoH Forum Coordinator, we've taken to clarify what his duties include. Sorry it took so long to get this up:
The World of Heroes (WoH) Coordinator primary responsibility is to assist in the running of the WoH forums, specifically the locking, sticky-ing, editing, and deleting of threads and posts within the WoH forums, with the intent of smoothing the forum's operation. In addition, the WoH Coordinator has the authority to settle disputes concerning WoH matters, while the Moderators reserve the right to overrule any decisions. These privileges are limited only to the WoH forums. The WoH Coordinator does not have the ability to issue formal warnings or otherwise perform moderating duties, even within the confines of the WoH forums.
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