a smugglers mission.

Takes place immediately after the Battle of Yavin
Tales and stories set during the events of Episodes 4-6...

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jaster krarus
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a smugglers mission.

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the year is 4 ABY... a two weeks before the empires fall.

this is the begining of a former naboo pilot, later a simple smuggler. his name, jaster krarus. jaster was a 20 year old naboo fighter pilot in the last days of the empire before the battle of endor. he was a wingman of the famous reformed bravo squadron and was rasied in a rich family. jaster before begin a smuggler was a young and bright man. he was the joker of bravo squadron during on patrol. two weeks before the battle of endor, bravo squadron recived a mission to remove a suppected pirate ship in orbit of nabbo. bravo squadron and one bomber wing, had closed in to the large pirate ship.

"alright bravo filght A, you go around the pirate vessel" said commander Ric Olié.

"ill take bravo flight B to the other direction"" said jaster. ill make sure no one escacpes old man.

"i told you not to call me that anymore!" said Ric Olié in a humorse tone.

"relax just having a little fun. ok were near the ship." said jaster. it looks like a marauder-class corvette. ill take a closer look.

as jasters team nears the ship. transmission had been sent to the ship.

"attention pirate vessel. your in restricted space. leave no or we will open fire.

the crew didit respond.

"no response.... alright bravo flight B. prepare to engage!" shouted jaster.

but soon the defences open fire. the ship starts moving and deploying cloakshape fighters

"incoming hostiles! all units brake up!" shouted Ric Olie. bomber wing beta! rally near jaster's group!

the three bombers were heading to jaster only to be attacked by the cloakeshapes. the skimish had begun over naboo, dog fights were fought around the corvette. it was twelve cloakshape fighters vs. seven N-1 fighters and three NB-1S bombers.

meanwhile in the command bridge the enemy ship.

"sir we have engaged the naboo patrol" said the crewmen. what are your orders?

"keep them busy till we are ready to jump to tatooine" replied the captain. jabba wants his cargo within four days. and as for those naboo pilots, remove them".

OOC: anyone is welcome to rp as the pirates or any fighter pilot in the skimish.
jaster krarus
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the battle rages on. some enemy fighters were shot down, but jaster and bravo squadron needed to take out that corvette.

"im going in" said jaster.

"no kid!" shouted Ric Olié. you cant fight along!. wait for back up.

"cant sir" said jaster. that ships hyperdrive is active. im gonna see if i can stop this ship.

jaster then flys straight to the hanger. around him were lasers flying and fighters going pass him. as he makes a rough landing to the hanger, four enemy soldiers wait fror him in the hanger.

"fire!" yelled one of the pirates.

jaster jumped out missing thier hits. he grabs his blaster and readys himself for battle.

"ahh take this!" yelled jaster. as he ran from cover and shot one of the pirates legs. he then went to one of the shuttles to reload.

"wow..." thought jaster. no wonder they fought.

what jaster saw was a shuttle full of illegal weapons.

"this is a smuggling operation." said jaster. come in commander Ric! come in!

"what is it?" said Ric Olie.

"i know whats going on" said jaster. these pirates are smuggling weapons out of the system sir. their selling some real nasty stuff in here!.

"well then make sure we capture that ship" said Ric Oile.

"right sir. we-" but then the message was cut off.

"jaster? jaster you thier?" asked Ric Oile. jaster come in?

back in the pirate ship.

"well well you know what were doing" said the pirate captain. ill have to remove you so you can keep your mouth shut.

"you'll have to fight me to kill me" said jaster.

a fist fight had started in the hanger. jaster hits the captain to the left with his leg. the pirate captain punchs jaster to the right. the fight went on for while until NB-1S bombers began bombing attacks on the corvette.

everything starts shacking and falling.

"damnit!" cursed the pirate captain. ill finish you off now!

he then grabs two DX-2 disruptor pistols and begins shooting.

"die!!!" shouted the captain.

"woah, damn" thought jaster.

meanwhile outside..

"keeping firing! the shields are almost out!" said one of the pilots.

"wait! jaster is still in thier!" yelled Ric Oile. we cant destroy it with him still in thier.

"we cant let the pirates escape sir" said the pilot. but we can focuse fire on thier engines.

"do so" said Ric Oile.

back in the corvette command bridge...

"were losing power!" said a crewmen. were gonna lose the engines. fighter escort has been destroyed!.

"we got to jump!"

"no not until the captain gives the order"

the fist fight still goes on. but jaster ends it to grab one of the pistols and shot the pirate captain in the stomach.

"uhhh....damn..you...hehe" said the captain. but he had brought the ships detonation controler.

" what the..??" thought jaster.

"haha *cough cough* see..you..in...hell..." said the captain with his last words.

the ship was going to be destroyed within ten minutes. but instead of leaving. jaster tryed to disable the bomb before its too late. he had a good feeling that the bomb is in the bridge. he ran as fast he can and busted in the bridge.

"get out!" shouted jaster. thiers a bomb! get while you still can!

the staff then went to the two docked shuttles. but as they left, they were stoped by bravo squadron and arrested.

"gotta stop this bomb" said jaster. as jaster messed with the bomb for a while. only one mintue was left....

"come on damnit! come on.." thought jaster. there! bombs out.

"jaster come in! you thier?" askedOile.

"yes sir. and look what is ours now" said replied jaster.

the marauder corvette was no under the control of the naboo space corps. it also became flagship of the newly promoted captain jaster. he named it the the krarus for his families legacy. the krarus took part in some skimishs with pirates coming in and out of the system. the krarus would also take part in the battle of naboo to finally to free naboo from the empire.
jaster krarus
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two weeks later. the space battle over naboo begins. two imperial warships prepare to battle the naboo space forces led jaster.

"this is captain jaster to imperial forces" he said. by order of the queen, you will retreat and leave our home at once.

the imperials are slinced, but soon the imperial star destroyer launchs Tie fighter squadrons along with Tie bombers following behind.

"their going to attack!" jaster shouted. all units attack! leave none alive!"

jaster's forces unleashed many class's of fighters. and the newset fighter in their force. the N5 Naboo Heavy Starfighters.

a squadron of the N5's have been held in jasters ship fora last resort.

across the battle i seemed like a defeat, but jaster moves in to take out the second imperial warship. a victory II-class frigate. as his marauder corvette moves in and begins assulting the bridge. but he is at risk to be destroyed .

"we got incoming bombers!" yelled a crewmen.

"launch the new fighters!" yelled jaster.

the prototyp squadron is now in action and protects the krarus.

"uhh sir we got a large group on our scanners" said one of the bridge staff". but it was A big formation of TIE Interceptors showed up on his scanners. they begin an attack run on jasters ship.

"were taking damage sir" said a crewmen.

"get us out!" shouted jaster. all N5's attack that frigate. all bombers begin assault on that ISD shields!.

"roger that captain" said one of the pilots. all bombers move in! captain we'll need an escort.

"sending three N-1 squadroms" said jaster. now blast the hell out of those imperials.

the bombs are unleashed and weaken the shields. soon the shield is down.

"all ships attack!" shouted jaster.

all you can see on the destroyer is small explosions. the the power systems go down. life support is blown off. the command bridge chips off from all the attacks. very soon the ship spilts in two. destroying the frigate which was below the ship. resulting it being forces down to the planet. the battle over naboo is then won. the space corps then returns to the surface to see a large celebration going on. jaster felt a sence of freedom after fighting the imperials. with his whole childhood mostly grim from the empires rule. he felt so alive from destroying his homeworlds Aggressors. later he decided to live naboo to become a freelancer. he left his flagship behind along everything else. he moved to thyferra as a smuggler for hire and his new ship, a YT-2000 Freighter he calls the neo. after the xen'chi invadsion begins, he begins to look for work for any side in the war with his new crew for his ship. Standis Dwedan, a wise rodian who never miss a target. Xiser Karrl, a Zabrak bounty hunter who loves the thrill of the hunt. Corrax, a strange guy. he wears a cloak and never takes it off when in the open. together they are a awsome squad of mercenaries. their fates will be decided in the xen'chi invasion.
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