Pokemon: Exodus Dimension: Johto

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Pokemon: Exodus Dimension: Johto

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OOC: Same Disclaimer's as Vague's Kanto thread, thought I'd try this here, with another country, since the last post in his was three years ago, and it's not really in a place for other people to join in. If you'd like to join this thread, feel free to pop in--just remember it's a mix of anime/games, and possibly a bit of the manga (though I've never read any). I tend to place more focus on the games, since it tends to make more sense.

Also, if it makes sense to bring in a Pokemon even if they weren't found there in that generation, feel free. First post is sort of an introduction, and an explanation of why the routes in the games are so safe for beginners, and then later on they're more and more dangerous--because the Rangers keep them that way. Don't really plan on using the Ranger again, just thought it would be fun to have him. I'm going to have the girl as my main.

IC: The Ranger moved through the forest soundlessly, his long legs making short work of the terrain ahead of him. The main pathway was somewhere to his left, which meant the river was to his right. His eyes scanned the dense underbrush as he followed the Deerling trail. Somewhere out there there was an Ursaring, and it was mad. It had wandered in down from the mountains and was beginning to attack trainers as they passed along the cleared path through Ilex Forest. As a Ranger, it was his job to find it, subdue it, and make sure it got sent home.

The Ranger paused as he heard an excited shout come from the trail, followed by the sounds of a Pokemon battle. From the number of sounds of Pokeball releases, it was probably two trainers. He sniffed. A faint smell of ozone and smoke. Electric and Fire types. He eased off the trail and peered through the trees to get a better look at the trainers.

One was young, no more than 15, with a Charmander chomping at the bit to fight. The kid was having him physical moves, but by the way the Fire-type was acting, the Ranger could tell it sorely wanted to unleash a few flames. A newbie still learning how to train his Pokemon.

The other was older, probably 18 or 19. Tanned, weathered, with a face that spoke of at least one winter spent outdoors. Her red hair was pulled back in a single ponytail that ran down her back. Her green eyes flicked from the Charmander to her opponent in turns. Her Mareep didn't look very powerful, but it looked well trained. It was dodging nearly every attack the Charmander threw its way, throwing electricity at the Fire-type.

It was an interesting match-up. The Charmander was obviously more powerful, and was already showing signs of the rage that was so titular to the Charmander breed. But its trainer was sloppy. He missed openings, fell for obvious traps, and relied on his Charmander to do most of the thinking while he just yelled out at it to do better. The Mareep, on the other hand, had the advantage of training and wit on its side. As long as it stayed away from the Charmander, it would probably be--

A low, menacing growl cut the Ranger's thoughts short. His head whipped around just in time to see a massive paw take a swipe at his face. He ducked, rolling away from the Ursaring that had apparently snuck up on him while his attention was elsewhere. The bear growled its annoyance at having missed the Ranger, and turned to face him.

The Ranger's mind raced. There was almost no room to maneuver in the forest, and it would be easier to take this thing down out on the--He darted sideways as the Ursaring raced past him, its snapping jaws missing him by inches. Out on the pathway, but if the Ranger went out there--He ducked another paw swiping at him, and began fumbling with his belt. But if the Ranger went out there, the kids would see him, and try to help him out. Of course, their Pokemon were so weak, they would only succeed in further enraging the bear. Of course, he couldn't try to lead the Ursaring away, because if he tried it would be attracted by the sounds of the Pokemon battle.

The Ranger whipped the device out and thumbed its activation stud. It whirred to life. His eyes narrowed as he surveyed the area. He was still a good ways into the forest, though the Ursaring had trampled a small area around him. With a flick of his wrist, he sent the Styler spinning through the air. He leaped backwards, avoiding yet another swipe. But his luck was due to run out, and he knew it. He weaved the Styler through the air, its webbing settling softly through the air. The Ranger patted the Pokeballs in his pocket as he walked backwards, hoping it wouldn't come to use his own Pokemon. One more loop should do it.

The Ursaring roared and was just about to charge when the Styler disc spun around the final time. And with a final flourish, the Ranger pulled the trigger. The webbing instantly lost its liquidity, and solidified, constricting abruptly. The Ursaring roared in protest as the webbing knocked it off its feet, and it fell to the forest floor. There was a brief pause, and then an ear-shattering blast of outrage reverberated through the forest.

The Ranger was already moving as the Ursaring struggled against its imprisonment, its teeth and claws already beginning to rip through the webbing. He pulled a small vial from a hard pouch on his belt, and slotted it into a small device. He jabbed the device's needly into the Ursaring's neck, and slammed the plunger down. Almost immediately, the Ursaring began to slow its movements. In moments, it was fast asleep.

"That's it," The Ranger said quietly. "Good boy." He patted its shoulder and rose to his feet. He had his X-Transciever open and was just about to call for a pickup when two breathless youngsters broke through the edge of the forest and into the trampled area that had been their fight zone. It was the two trainers that had been fighting.

The Ranger grinned at them. "Don't mind me, kids, Just doing my job." The boy stared at the Ursaring with wide eyes. The girl looked at the Ursaring, then back at the Ranger, and grinned.

"How many Pokemon did it take you to do that?" The boy asked, his voice full of awe.

The Ranger grinned. "Pokemon? I didn't need any Pokemon to take this thing down. It's all part of a hard day's work. It's what the League pays me for, to keep the paths--sorry, the Routes safe for Trainers like you."
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