Palin Returns

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Palin Returns

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Yes I have returned. No I'm not here to write in the MBT. I'd much rather talk with old friends on Facebook about the nostalgia of days past. Kinda like when you go back and watch a 90s movie you thought was epic but then it kind just feels not so epic now. Don't want that to happen. I remember the first four years or so after the purge from the SWG very fondly.

Anyways the reason for my return. Is there anyone who is interested in tabletop RPGs? Between Tabletop Simulator having X-Wing and Armada (miniature role playing ship combat) and Roll 20 having RPG systems like Saga and Edge for Star Wars I've been thinking about trying to slam all those things together for an even more collaborative experience.

Basically you'd create a new character based on one of the Star Wars systems we pick. Then write collaboratively like we do here. Then when time and availability allows we would come together and have a Tabletop RPG session and take on the roles of our characters and let the dice decide our fates in epic encounters. We would also use Xwing and Armada for ship battles.

A truly collaborative way to experience the Star Wars universe.

So anyone here interested?
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