Cazzik gone fishing

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Cazzik gone fishing

Post by Mir »

Cazzikstan/Tkacyzk/Cazzik got in touch with me last night with this message:

Hey I was on vacation all last week and I'm going to be on vacation again for the next 10 days. Would you mind posting something about my absence? I forgot to do so. I have threads with you, Ninzi, and Nich so I didn't mean to vanish.

The Cazzikstan has left the building.

This is a clear dereliction of his duties as being the secondary target of Mir's annoying tendencies. I demand restitution. I shall have to double up on my annoying of my primary target.


P.S. I don't know if he's fishing. I think he's scared of hooks. And fish. And water. Also, I think Tkaczyk is sweating profusely right now and deep down in my soul that makes me happy.
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Re: Cazzik gone fishing

Post by Nichalus »

He's been on this 'fishing trip' for years now. This is no surprise. *smirk*
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Re: Cazzik gone fishing

Post by Vox »

So...when do we divide his stuff? :o

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