Character Introduction - Aphrodite IX

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Character Introduction - Aphrodite IX

Post by Ghost »

This one will be a bit gritty and require some darkness - rather a sinister character.

If you know the story behind Aphrodite IX, well then you might understand what I'm looking for - if not, I'll give you the basics.

She's basically a synthetic assassin, memory is wiped (amnesia) after each mission. This could be either to protect herself, or the individual she is working (could also be a group as well). Overtime, she begins to question her existence and why she has urges, desires and such like a human would. She begins to question her profession - so to speak.

What I'm looking to do is take a baseline human girl and make her have maybe a horrible accident, maybe it was on purpose or maybe it wasn't. Then have her created into this ultimate killing machine. It would of course lead onto a path of eventually self-discovery of who she was and eventually who was the puppet master but yeah - that is where I'm wanting to start out.

So that being said, any takers? Anyone got any evil people in their lists who fit this bill?

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Re: Character Introduction - Aphrodite IX

Post by RCCrow »

I guess it would depend on the evil person and what they want accomplished. A single person is one thing. A government agency is something else.
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Re: Character Introduction - Aphrodite IX

Post by Pryde »

So, um... Dollhouse? :P
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Re: Character Introduction - Aphrodite IX

Post by Mir »

Definitely some Dollhouse up in here.
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