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WoH Updates

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This thread is for giving brief explanations and updates of all major organizations, locations, and characters. Instead of reading entire Wiki Articles you can quickly access these explanations for quick references and information. All RPers should make a single post, such as the one below, including all of their major WoH assets and what is currently happening with them.



Currently the organization is reeling after the events of Fire Flame the First Song. The global organization is working on a restructuring of it’s premier team, S.H.I.E.L.D. One after the death of Derek Sheppard, a former Captain America, when his Super Solder Serum created complications.

**S.H.I.E.L.D. Who We Are:

Currently Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Allsyon Parks is in Venice, Italy attending a party of Jared Chamberlain’s. Holland Daniels is also present as is Grayson Delancey, a mercenary with whom Allyson has had run ins with in the past. Her handler, Matthew Hunt, is in New York City, providing support via satellite for Parks’ undercover mission to investigate what it is that makes Jared Chamberlain so interesting.

**Genesis: Anger:

Lucas Gates is on location at S.H.I.E.L.D. Advanced Research and Development’s base at Alice Springs, Australia. He is the new chief research scientist and the administrator for the rest of the scientists. Already he is faced with a rival, one of the other researchers who feels that he should have been bumped up to Gates’ job, Lincoln McCray. Gates’ specialty is Gamma Radiation, while McCray’s is Pym Particles. The Base’s commander, Ashley Vasquez is Gates’ girlfriend of some time and is running the base well, with protection from S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers and a number of supers, including the Caged Angels and Nuke.


After the events of Fire Flame the First Song, Michelle Crawford, also known as Seer, has become the Avatar for the Phoenix Force. However, she was shot by Nick Fury with a weapon created by Paul Matthews. Thought to be dead, her body disappeared without a trace or explanation. She is still thought to be dead however.

More Coming Soon.
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Re: WoH Updates

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Only recently the 'new' Superman has returned. Ree-Van is a Kryptonian that launched from the doomed planet Krypton at the same time as Kal-El, but was delayed by a spacial anomaly for over 20 years. He was adopted by Earth parents Jonathan and Sarah Chase at the behest of Kal-El and given the name Christopher. Raised as a 'normal' human by his adopted parents, and trained by Kal-El in his Kryptonian heritage, his true nature was kept secret until he was finally ready to assume the legacy of his mentor.

Justic League

The Justice League is currently being reformed by the new Superman. To facilitate the new League, Superman has rebuilt the Watchtower, and placed it in orbit on the dark side of the Earth Moon.

Mister Miracle
To be announced soon...

The Flash
To be announced soon...
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