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Rules for Faction Coordinators and Minor Governments

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:40 pm
by Balsa
Faction Coordinators
  • Faction Coordinators will coordinate threads that involve the various factions (NR, GE, Jedi, etc.) at significant levels. For example, an RPer wishing to RP a fleet battle between NR and GE forces needs to talk to a Coordinator. An RPer wishing to RP an NR mechanic's life really does not need to speak with a Coordinator.
  • Coordinators' responsibilities are limited only to OOC events and have no power at the IC level. An NR Coordinator, for example, does not actually control the IC head of the NR.
  • Coordinators are responsible for maintaining their respective faction's wiki article with up-to-date information.
  • Coordinators are responsible for maintaining a degree of equilibrium between the major Galactic Powers.
  • Coordinators make comments regarding the feasibility of a proposed thread, such as if the thread makes sense IC or if it conflicts with another existing thread. In essence, Coordinators make sure threads are not stepping on the toe of other threads. If any conflict is known, then the Coordinators will work with the affected parties to resolve the issue, with the goal of allowing the thread to move forward.
  • If a conflict cannot be resolved, the conflict will be brought to the community's attention for input.
  • Coordinators can be contacted via PM or RP OOC posts. The communication method used is at the discretion of the RPer, but it should be noted that public discussions carry more transparency.
  • A member can only coordinate one major faction at a time.

    Current Faction Coordinators are as follows:
    • Galactic Empire - Halomek
    • Jedi Order - Pryde2000
    • New Republic - Mirrodin
    • Sith Empire - Balsa
    • Naboo - Ghost
    • Minor Government - Consult the creator of the Minor Government
    • Updated: 17 April 2012

Re: Rules for Faction Coordinators and Minor Governments

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:40 pm
by Balsa
Minor Government Creation Guidelines

We understand that sometimes we get that creative spark, and we wish to add a personal touch to the Star Wars universe. At times, this spark takes the place of a custom space ship or personally created character. At other times, we have this idea for this neat political entity, be it a planetary government or star system empire, and we want to make it a reality. In order to keep these Minor Governments from getting too out of hand, we have some guidelines that are aimed at guiding the creation of such an entity.
  • Minor Governments that wish to be autonomous from either the New Republic (NR) or Galactic Empire (GE) should be created away from the primary territories of either canon government where they have the least influence (e.g. further away from the Core).
  • Minor Governments that are placed within known territories of canon organizations should consider that the larger organizations surrounding them may have a heavy influence in foreign relations.
  • The idea of player-created Minor Governments is not to create a powerful, new nation bent on "government simulation", but to create a backdrop that is more tailored for a future story than the current Star Wars Exodus landscape. Keep in mind that as unique and awesome a Minor Government might be, it should not be so powerful that it can seriously threaten the New Republic or Galactic Empire, meaning the Minor Government would be unable to withstand an attack by either the NR/GE when the focus of the larger Government is to conqueror and/or defeat the Minor Government.
  • Creators of Minor Governments are highly encouraged to create an associated wiki article as well. These articles serve as excellent information sources for other members and also add important background flavor to the Exodus Galaxy. Wiki articles are to be created on our Star Wars: Exodus Wiki; if assistance for writing a wiki article is required, please feel free to ask!
  • If you'd like to have your Minor Government included on the Galactic Map, your Minor Government must have an associated wiki article. The article does not have to be long; a summary and background information will suffice.
  • Hasta la vista, baby: It should be noted that inactive Minor Governments may be Terminated unless there is sufficient reasons not to. (Let's be clear, I'm making a joke here. Terminated. Hasta la vista baby? ha. ha. ha. :rolleyes: ) This means the Minor Government is assumed to have gone defunct and either fallen into a state of disrepair, been absorbed by nearby, larger canon organizations, or simply been lost to the ravages of space-time. Note that past history, IC involvement, and so forth still exists; the Minor Government is not being ret-conned to never have existed and is still considered a part of Exodus' lore.

    In order for a Minor Government to be considered "active," its creator (or the designated owner) needs to post a minimum of five (5) posts in the past three (3) months, including two (2) In-Character (IC) posts. If an MG has been determined to become defunct, the following will occur:
    • Canon planets the MG controls revert to their canon faction, unless the result is completely illogical according to Exodus events. If so, the planet would belong to whatever faction is more logical according to Exodus canon. For example, Planet A is a world that resides clearly in Imperial space, according to Exodus canon. However, it belongs to the New Republic according to Lucas canon. Planet A would revert to Imperial control instead of Republic control because that would make more logical sense in the Exodus universe.
    • Non-canon planets will simply be removed from the map. However, the Minor Government's capital will remain on the map and may retain its faction color. For example, if the Xedael Empire became defunct, all of its worlds save Ingr would be removed. Ingr, however, would stay on the map.
    • The removal of a Minor Government due to inactivity will be ultimately decided by the Moderators on an individual basis. The IC reason behind such a removal (e.g., The nation was destroyed by civil war, or it simply closed its borders) will be determined on a case-by-case basis, if such reasons are necessary. If applicable, the owner/creator of the MG may suggest his creation's fate.