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Iron Man: Deal With A Devil (Limited Series)

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:26 pm
by Cazzik

Alex Burke sat in the lone chair aboard the satellite, that was actually an orbital lab and armory. Unknown to....well, unknown to everyone but Burke. He sat at the desk, a glass of Highland, single malt scotch in his hand. He gazed around the room at the multiple armors. So far it housed 4 suits, but there was room for more. There had to be more. These armors were built to take on specific threats. Threats that the standard Iron Man suits would struggle with. He was exhausted after finishing the most recent armor; the Thunderbuster. He had designed it to go toe to toe with Asgardians, specifically with Thor should he ever decide that Midgard was better conquered than protected.

He took a sip of his beverage and let his eyes fall to the first of the suits, the Hulkbuster. Designed to put down the strongest, most savage being on Earth should he need to. Obviously able to take on other unstoppable forces of super strength as well, such as the Juggernaut. It was an incredible upgrade over the original Hulkbuster armor built by Tony Stark. It was more than capable of doing what it was designed for. Next to it stood the M.O.A.B. Exoskeleton. It was an outer suit that was essentially a catch all armor. Designed to take on any and all superhuman adversaries without their own Buster-series armor, it made the War Machine suit look like a kitty toy. The thing was a tank. Actually, it made a tank look like a VW Bug. It was his last resort against a threat he had not planned for.

He stood up out of his chair and walked over to the fourth armor, sipping more of his scotch as he looked it over; the Kryptonbuster. Built to put down any and all Kryptonians that challenged the planet. He would have built it anyway if Superman was the only one of his race they had ever encountered. However, history was littered with other Kryptonian coming to Earth, most of which were far less benevolent than the Man of Steel. This armor had been exceptionally expensive to build, due to the weaponry and defenses required. He was confidant in it's abilities. It was a masterpiece.

Despite these technological advancements Alex couldn't calm his restless spirit. He had seen so much lately. There were so many threats out there that he hadn't even prepared for yet, that he didn't even know he needed to prepare for. He downed the rest of the glass and continued to stare at the Kryptonbuster.

From behind him came a voice, "Mr. Burke."

Alex wheeled around and dropped his glass. It hit the metal floor of the lab and shattered. Pieces bounced up against his jeans before falling again. In front of him stood an older caucasian man, maybe late sixties. He wore a dark colored suit. Sunglasses concealed his eyes from Alex, "Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?"

An automated voice sounded throughout the lab, "Mr. Burke, unknown life form has boarded the lab."

Alex rolled his eyes, "No shit, DATA. Thanks for the warning."

The older man smiled, "You may call me Mr. Smith. I have a proposition for you."

Re: Iron Man: Deal With A Devil (Limited Series)

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:33 pm
by Cazzik
There they stood, in the Great Forge of Nidavellir, one of the realms of Asgard. The black and gold Iron Man armor was rapidly scanning the immediate vicinity for......well, anything and anyone. He had never been to Nidavellir but he knew this was the same place that created such weapons as Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and the Destroyer Armor. It would undoubtedly be well protected. He wasn't even sure exactly how Mr. Smith had transported them in here. Magic? Advanced science? No idea. Whoever he was, he was powerful.

"You can cease with your scanning, Mr. Burke. I assure you no one will disturb us while we work."

Oddly enough, Alex believed him. Not because he trusted the man, or demon, or space god, or whatever he was. No, it was because he had something to gain from this deal as well, "If you say so."

He removed his helmet and walked towards the forge. It was incredible. Old in appearance but with an aura of great power. He turned back to Smith, "If we do this what prevents you from going back on your word?"

Smith didn't move, "It doesn't work like that. But of course, take all of the precautions you believe necessary. You wouldn't be you if you did not."

Alex turned back to the forge, "Let's get started."

Re: Iron Man: Deal With A Devil (Limited Series)

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:31 pm
by Cazzik
Alex stood back, sweating profusely from the heat the great forge gave off. Mr. Smith, standing next to him, seemed to be unphased by the sweltering temperatures. The older man stepped forward to examine their work and smiled. It was not a normal smile. Something about it made Alex's skin crawl, "It is complete, Mr. Burke. Behold the greatest weapon you have ever or will ever design."

Alex knew the man was correct. This armor was nothing short of divine. Infused with the most advanced technology from Earth, Asgard, and wherever it was that Smith called home; he could only theorize. He nodded his agreement and the other continued to speak, "With this armor you will be able to protect the Earth from anything that threatens it...on ten different occasions. Remember what happens after that, Mr. Burke?"

Alex nodded, "I do. I won't forget. This armor will only be saved for omega level threats. I promise."

Smith shrugged, "I don't care what you save it for. You could use it to take a vacation on Knowhere for all I care. But after ten uses I get my payment. The faster you use them up the better for me."

Alex frowned, "I know. I get it."

Smith smiled, "Very well. Then we have an accord."

There was a flash and Alex was back aboard Home One, still in his suit. He whirled about, scanning for other life forms. He was alone, with the exception of DATA. Mr. Smith was gone. He removed his helmet and turned to see their work of art had transported with him. There, in one of the holding slots, aboard the world's most expensive armory, was the Godbuster Armor.