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Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by Cadden »

OOC: Due to Halc's recent declaration of needing a break... well... all hopes of waiting on him to post have faded. So, I'm doing my typical time jump sequence, making a new thread in case he and I ever get to finishing the stuff between that one and here, and just moving on along. 'Cause... yeah. :P

As usual, reader discretion is advised, and all that junk. 'Cause this is Wolverine. And if you haven't expected graphic content by now, you're just plain silly.


Andrew and Selina were on the run, dodging both HYDRA and what they assumed to be a force of mercenaries. At this point, the girl who called herself Psylocke had been pulled away on an errand of her own, and the two were required to figure out what was going on without her. They had traveled as far north as Eureka, Montana, and then made the move into the Rockies. It was there that they set up living conditions, off the grid.

For a while, they were undetected. It was nice, being able to live without looking behind their backs.

That changed, however, with a knock at the door. The circumstances alone were odd enough to both Andrew and Selina, who had since entered a romantic relationship. However, the fact that there was no reason why someone would be at their door tipped them off to the pending danger.

The door opened, and Andrew found himself staring down - or, rather, up - at a gruff-looking man who stood over a foot taller than him, and enough muscle to easily match his own. He could tell, just by the man's attire, that he was a part of the mercenary group that had trailed them. He grinned. "Andrew," he said, matter-of-factly. "I'm here to bring you home."

Andrew gave the man a quizzical look. "Sorry... do I know you?"

The other looked hurt by the question. "C'mon, don't tell me you don't recognize your good friend and brother, Evan?"

"Uhh... no?"

Selina approached the two. "Leave," she told Evan. "We want no part of this."

Evan's reaction was less favorable than she had hoped. "See, can't do that. Andrew here needs to be debriefed."

"Debriefed? The hell you talkin' about?"

The large man made the connection. "So, you don't remember. Well, that's a bit of a problem, brother. The Director is expecting you, all the same." He looked over Selina. "You'll have to leave her here. Rules and all."

The bone claws slid from their place. "Only way I'm gonna leave this place, bub," he said, "would be if you dragged my cold carcass from it!"

Evan grinned, baring his unusually large canine teeth. Like a sabretooth cat. "You know you don't want to do this, Andrew."

"Like hell I don't!" Andrew charged against the man, and struck his claws into his shoulders. Evan winced in pain, but quickly recovered and grappled him, sending him flying into the snow. Andrew hit a rock, hard, dazing him.

"You know, Andrew," he continued, "I took you under my wing when you were recruited into the Program. Taught you the ropes. Everything you learned, you learned from me." His eyes opened slowly, as his vision returned. It was blurry, at first, but as it cleared he saw what was going on.

"No," he rasped, and staggered up. "Put her down!"

"And this is the thanks I get?" he continued. As Andrew charged him, a blood-crazed frenzy, he heard a sound in the distance, and a sudden twinge in his neck. He stumbled, blinked, and reached up. A tranquilizer dart. He pulled it out and got up again, before continuing toward Evan. Another sound, as he got hit by a second dart. He grunted, and continued forward. "You're resilient, I'll give you that. No doubt due to your healing factor. I have to wonder, is that also the reason why you don't remember anything? Let's find out."

As the third dart hit him, Andrew's vision began to blur once more. He saw it, just barely, but it was real all the same. Selina dropped from Evan's grasp, and she was not moving. He could make out crimson. "No!" he managed to say, but the fourth tranquilizer dart finished the job, and he soon faded out.

He awoke in a fury. The bone claws protruded from his fists as he attempted to move, but he was strapped down tight. A war cry escaped his throat as he attempted to break his bonds, but to no avail. Standing over him was a man who held unkempt hair and an exhaustive feature about him. Andrew could only guess as to who he was. "Welcome home, Andrew," he said. "I have to say, tracking you down was difficult work. But, I did have one of the best on the trail. And now, you're back where you belong." He nodded to a man out of Andrew's view. "Ironic, that we would find you, an animal, in the wilderness. Tell me, son, what do you remember?"

Remember? Andrew glared at the man. "I remember..." he started. A brief memory came about him, and he let out a furious yell once more. "I will kill him!" he declared.

The man attempted to calm him down. "Andrew," he said, "you must understand! The woman's death was a necessity!" Andrew was unconvinced, and gave him a look that clearly communicated this. "She was an agent for HYDRA."


"They plugged her in as a means to watch over you, try to get you back into their position. How else do you think they were on your trail the whole time?"

"And yet they didn't find us in the Rockies. You did."

"We were maybe an hour ahead of them. Andrew... you are one of my best agents. Think. Remember the work you've done for us."

But Andrew could not remember a thing. "I don't even know who you are," he said bitterly.

"Why, I'm the man that could put it all together," he said. Andrew suddenly felt a great surge of pain in his head. Familiar, yet at the same time not. He let out a yell before it slowly began to subside. "I'll help you get your vengeance."

"What did you do to me?" he demanded.

"It's like I said. Welcome home." The Director gave him a knowing grin before walking away. A door opened, and he said from the same direction, "Get him his memories back. Then re-introduce him to his residency."

Days passed, and Andrew began to recall everything. But he would not forget what Evan did to him. Evan Larkin. Not a brother by blood, but he had become known as one to him. Andrew's hatred for the man was countered only by the fact the chip disallowed him to act on it. Yes, he even remembered the chip.

He would not forgive Evan, even if Selina was a HYDRA agent. That part didn't matter. He fell in love, and it felt so real. And Evan destroyed it in front of his eyes.

His cell door opened, and Director X arrived with another at his side. Some man in a white trench coat, a lab technician of some sort. "Rise and shine, Andrew," he said. "You have a busy day ahead of you." He just looked at him. "We have something special planned for you. A way to get your revenge on what happened, and at the same time fulfill our agenda."

"I hate surprises," Andrew muttered.

The Director just shrugged. "We're going to make you indestructible," he said, not hiding his pride in the comment, "but first, we're going to have to destroy you." Andrew gave him a look that spoke volumes for his doubt in partaking this experiment. "We are going to bond your entire skeletal structure, including those claws of yours, with a metal compound so strong, that you'll be able to withstand virtually anything. It's called adamantium." He gave Andrew a knowing look. "We can't take down HYDRA without you, Andrew. To destroy it, and to avenge your woman's death, you'll have to embrace the other side, become the animal."

Andrew cared nothing for HYDRA, but the prospect of putting Evan down was intriguing to him. He thought on it for a moment. "Fine," he finally said. "But under one condition." The Director remained silent, awaiting the ultimatum. "I want a new name." His thoughts dwelled back to a particular conversation he had with Selina back in the Rockies. It was the only way he could think of to honor her passing. "Wolverine."

OOC: I know, pretty much suck all the way through. This is what happens when I try to post while not in the mood. :P But it's better than nothing, I suppose. I'll work on it some more tomorrow, or the day after. One of the two.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by Cadden »

Later that day, Wolverine was lead from his room, which he now considered an over-glorified cell, and brought into a room he could not claim to have remembered seeing before. The room consisted of several computers with a few technicians scattered about, with what appeared to be an operating table in the middle over a tub of water. Andrew was more than simply curious, but opted to keep his thoughts to himself. He took note of a separate room joined to the main area, and behind the glass viewport was Director X with a few faces he did not recognize.

He was strapped in, and the doctor looked at him with genuinely sympathetic eyes. "When it starts," she said, "whatever the reason is that you're doing this, focus on that. Maybe it will help."

Andrew found the statement mildly amusing. "I've been through worse."

"No," she retorted, "you haven't."

Andrew closed his eyes as he awaited the inevitable. He thought back to the cabin in the Rockies, with Selina.

"Why the moon is so lonely?" Selina asked him one evening, as the two sat on the couch in the living room.

Andrew looked at her inquisitively. "Why?"

"Because she used to have a lover. His name was Kuekuatsu and they lived in the spirit world together. And every night, they would wander the skies together. But, one of the other spirits was jealous. Trickster wanted the Moon for himself. So he told Kuekuatsu that the Moon had asked for flowers; he told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses. But Kuekuatsu didn't know that once you leave the spirit world, you can never go back. And every night, he looks up in the sky and sees the Moon and howls her name. But... he can never touch her again."

As he thought about what she had told him, about how much of that became his reality, he simultaneously felt great stings from the needles of the adamantium machinery puncturing his skin, going deeper, and then... his skeletal structure. His eyes opened as he felt the pain surge through his body. And then the process started.

He saw flashes of visions over the past several months; his induction into Weapon X, the training with Evan, the missions the two would partake in. Director X's assignment to go against HYDRA. Next thing he knew, he was running from them, and then he met Selina. And the girl known as Psylocke.

The memories flashed, until suddenly, blackness.

"He's flat-lined," the female scientist announced. "We lost him."

The Director was, to put it mildly, displeased. He stood there for a moment, as the other observers looked on with eyes filled with condescending judgment. Finally, he spoke, after what seemed to him an eternity. "Get rid of him," he said. The project was a failure. How did the Professor from the last Weapon X project do it, he wondered.

As they were about to unplug Wolverine, the monitor beeped once. Life. Twice. Wolverine's heart rate started to come back. "Wait," she said. Director X turned his attention back toward Wolverine. By now, Evan had come up next to him and looked on. "He's coming back."

Andrew's consciousness came back to life, and the first thing he saw was the memory of Evan visiting his home in the Rockies. His eyes then opened, and the woman stared at him for a moment, before she quickly backed away as Wolverine violently emerged himself from the tank. Her eyes went wide in terror. Director X turned around just as Wolverine began tearing the machinery from his body with his new claws.

"Subject is loose!" one of the scientists yelled. The group made no effort to escape the room while they still could, as the guards honed their weapons on him. Wolverine yelled in rage, and brought himself up out of the tank. He was blind with an animal-like fury, and immediately set himself upon the closest guard as the scientists fled for their lives. Three adamantium claws bore themselves into the man's skull, and Wolverine violently ripped the claws from their place as he charged against another. The bullets were live rounds, which set themselves deep into his skin, but the shots were deterred by his new skeleton. Wolverine decapitated the second guard with little effort.

"Subdue him, now!" the Director ordered. He watched as the door filled with more guards from adjacent rooms as the alarm klaxons began to blare. He looked at the others in the room. "I said subdue him!"

"Sir... the chip... it's not responding!"

Director X looked back at Wolverine. "Clever beast...." His compliment was laced with agitation. With the adamantium bonded to his skeleton, replacing the chip would be deemed impossible at this point. "You better get him under control! I don't want him escaping this facility!" He watched as Wolverine left the operation room. "I want all levels secured! Make sure he gets fitted with that device!"

"Get the Director out of there!" one of the guards yelled.

"We need reinforcements!" another said. "Suppressive fire... no effect. We're getting slaughtered down here!"

The project was a success. Barely. "Why does he get to go through the process, and yet I'm left on the sidelines, waiting my turn?" Evan demanded from over the Director's shoulder, more than simply irritated.

"You could never survive the adamantium bonding," Director X said. "Look at him, it nearly destroyed him."

Evan growled. "I can easily take whatever he can."

"No, you can't." He turned to one of the others. "It seems as though we have a success." His attention was turned back to the lab below, as Wolverine finished dispatching the soldiers. He turned his attention to the Director and others, but not before a handful of soldiers joined him from the room. "I don't want Andrew learning the truth of Selina." He paused a moment. "I want him calmed down at any cost. Implant false memories into that skull of his. Have him believe... HYDRA killed her. That ought to get him worked up against them." He motioned for Evan to follow him, and he left the room. The others were quick to join him. By the time Wolverine had finished with the guards, he took note of their disappearance. He would kill them all.

Wolverine staggered through the corridor, before dodging into a side room after hearing approaching guards. He looked around in the room, and took note of a surveillance system. He watched the monitors, as the different rooms were being secured, and the doors being locked down. The bloodlust was starting to fade, but his animal instincts still took control. The door opened, and he immediately set to action. One guard was put to rest when his claws penetrated his heart, another's lungs were torn up. He dismembered the third's arm before driving his other fist, claws out, into his gut.

Wolverine stepped out of the room and proceeded down the corridor until he met a junction. His memories of the complex's layout were hazy, but he did seem to recall the proper direction. Or perhaps it was instinct. Either way, he moved on, and proceeded through the door.

The complex was alive with soldiers attempting to man their posts to subdue the man on the loose. Different sectors reported his movements, only to be met with silence in the end as Wolverine tore through their defenses, before he came upon a room heavily guarded with no fewer than a dozen men armed with heavy firepower. He did not hesitate, and began his charge forward. The bodies began to pile up as he tore through their defenses. The guards yelled through their communicators about the progress, or lack thereof, they were having with the escaping experiment.

"Put him down!" one of them yelled, and Wolverine felt the familiar twinge in his neck from a tranquilizer dart. He snarled and turned to the source of the blast. Up on a catwalk above. Wolverine dodged a second shot, and came up to the wall. He used his claws to help escalate him to the catwalk and launched himself on to the same level as his shooter. The man had already got a second shot off of him, but he simply pulled the dart from its resting place and threw it aside. With a furious yell, Wolverine charged the man, and lunged both sets of claws into his chest.

He shook his head violently, and rose from fresh corpse. Other soldiers were now pouring in. Wolverine looked around, and took note of his only way of escape. He ran across the catwalk and hurled himself toward the floor, both sets of claws facing forward, with a mighty battle cry. He made contact, impaling two guards, and somersaulted to his feet, before making a mad dash toward the closing double doors. They were already closing, and this was his final chance.

He was too late, as the doors were too close to each other for him to escape through, and Wolverine stopped, turned around, and brought himself into an aggressive offensive stance. He was breathing heavily, now, ready to kill the first person that dared him.

"Andrew," a voice called out from the chaos. Wolverine turned his attention toward the source of the voice. "Andrew, stop this madness." Director X appeared above on the catwalk, flanked by two guards armed with automatic rifles. "This isn't going to get you the vengeance you seek. Look at yourself." Wolverine examined the new claws that came from his hands, and looked back at the Director. "Calm yourself, Andrew. Come to your senses. Lest you'll just get yourself killed, and what will that accomplish?" He paused a moment. At least he was getting somewhere. "Allow us to guide you, help you utilize this gift we have granted you, turn it into a weapon against your enemies. Then, you will be ready."

He thought back on Selina, and the last thing he saw as he was put to sleep by the multiple tranquilizer darts in the Rockies. Wolverine sneered, but reluctantly retracted his claws. His senses were returning to him. "You're the perfect weapon, the perfect soldier," the Director continued. "But you need a mission. You need a focus. I can give you that, Andrew."

"I told you... call me Wolverine." He looked at one of the nearby soldiers, who still had his weapon honed on him. Several of them did, but this one was just a bit too close for his liking. "If you value your ability to sit comfortably, bub, then best drop that gun. 'Cause if I have to come over there and take it away from you... I'll give you one good guess just where I'm gonna stick it."

"Lower your weapons," the Director ordered. The group complied, and Wolverine looked up at the man once more.

"I do this," he said, "I'm out for blood. No law, no code of conduct. You point me in the right direction, you get the hell out of my way."

The Director nodded. "Of course. Wolverine."

A couple hours later, he was led to a room with another setup that bore similarities to an operating table. "I don't do operating tables," he told the Director.

"Trust me, Wolverine," he said. While he was hesitant to do so, Wolverine still complied, and laid down on the table. One of the doctors reached up and pulled a device over his head, and all he could see was a simple visor. "Begin the process," he heard the Director say. Before Wolverine could respond, he was hit with a wave of memories. They felt intrusive, but the feeling quickly subsided.

"Hydra..." Wolverine grunted. He saw the induced imagery before him, and of Selina's death. "HYDRA!"

"Wolverine," the Director said, "I will give you what you want, if you only do one simple thing for me."

He growled. "Just give me HYDRA." The claws formed from his knuckles once more.

The man turned into nothing more than a savage beast, an animal, as he ripped himself off the table, bringing the device with him. "They're mine!" He burst out the door, leaving the others behind.

"Sir, should we detain him?" one of the scientists asked.

The Director looked on for a moment. "No," he said. "The animal is unleashed. Track him. But do not get in his way."

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by Cadden »

It had been days since he had left the facility. He was on the scent. Wolverine trudged through the snow, on the trail of HYDRA, as he progressed through the Rockies. He had a specific destination that he intended to start from.

As he approached familiar ground, the smell of blood still filled the air. It was a bittersweet smell, which flooded in memories. He approached the cabin and saw the stains along the doorway, yet when Wolverine entered, the place was vacant. There were no signs of what had happened earlier, save for the crimson paint leftover from Selina's murder. Wolverine dropped to his knees on the floor, tears forming in his eyes, as he thought back to the time he had spent with Selina, followed immediately by her death. Death at the hands of HYDRA. The tears quickly became fueled by rage, as he looked over the place. A scent caught his attention.

Instinctively, Wolverine's claws popped out between the knuckles. He smelled something else in the air. Something faint. He arose from his position, ready for blood, as the tears dried up around his eyes. Departing from the cabin, he attempted to hone in on the scent. His eyes shifted about, as he determined it was coming from the south. And it was getting stronger.

Gunpowder. He sneered. HYDRA.

As the small patrol got close, Wolverine monitored the group from his cover. Five of them, on a routine style patrol it seemed. They definitely wore the trappings of HYDRA. But why were they still around? Maybe they're lookin' for me, he mused. Think I'll give them what they want!

He charged from his cover and brought his claws to bear on one of the soldiers. His gun swerved at him and he managed to get one shot off, before Wolverine's razor-sharp claws penetrated his chest. He swung hard and sent the soldier's corpse against another, and turned his attention to the other three. Wolverine lunged at them, and took two more shots as he decapitated one of the soldiers and dismembered another's arm just below the shoulder. His claws slashed through the third's abdomen, and he brought his attention toward the one that was bowled over by the first dead body. With a yell, he rushed against the man, and sent his claws into both his lungs.

As he retracted the adamantium-laced weapons back into his forearms, Wolverine approached the only survivor, the man with but one arm, and picked him up by the collar. He slammed the man against a nearby tree trunk and brought his face up close to the soldier's, a violent sneer forming on his face. "I have questions, bub," he said, "and if you don't give me the answers I seek... a severed arm will be the least of your worries." The sound of metal sliding against metal could be heard, and the soldier spared a glance downward. He was in shock, but he was still capable of structured thought. "Got it?"

He nodded nervously.

"Now... let's have a chat...."

OOC: Okay. I admit. I suck at the "animalistic Wolverine" writings. Whatever. Moving along all the same.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by Mir »

He’d been promised justice, revenge. And that was all that he cared about. The man sitting in the bar drank the beer that was in his hands, but he knew that it would have little to no effect on him. His eyes were on the television and he watched the events unfolding. There was some senator dead. Everything else in the great state of North Carolina had stopped so that they could properly cover this news item. It was important, at least it appeared to be important, to the people of North Carolina. The Senator was dead, and he had been campaigning for reelection in this year of voting. Killed while on the campaign trail. Man had been older than dirt, it was his time to go. They were still working on the source of his death, but the one drinking the beer knew. He knew exactly how the man had died.

He’d been the one to kill him, after all. Injected the toxin into him personally. They’d find the toxin, no doubt, but at that point it would be too late. The damage would be done and the man’s opponent in the races would get coming to her what was planned to her. The conditions that the death could easily be pinned on her or it could be pinned on someone else. Depending on her choices and her answer to a simple question, that would determine where the blame fell. Simply put, her vote was being bought but in a slightly different way than was traditional. The opposing party would have to scramble to find someone to run against her, and this election, and the seat in the Senate building in Washington D.C. could be hers if she was ambitious enough.

And able to stomach coercion and corruption well enough.

But that was not Christian’s problem. Christian Copeland was waiting, waiting for the right time to make his move. He had been counseled by the one that had promised him his justice that there would be a time and a place to make his move. He knew that he had to wait, but waiting had never been a strong characteristic of his. “Turn the damn tv off. Shit is depressing.” He said, his voice carrying throughout the relatively quiet bar. Then the bar was actually silent. The bartender just ignored him and they continued to watch the television sets. Deciding that that was probably his cue to leave before he got further annoyed, Copeland rose and headed to the bar.

“One more for the road and let me pay my tab.” He said, reaching into his pocket for money. His motions stopped when the bartender spoke.

“No more for you. Just pay up and get out.”

“Clearly the money is alright.” Copeland said, putting a twenty dollar bill on the table. It was slightly wrinkled, slightly old. “So it seems you have a problem with me then. Care to share?” He asked.

“The Senator was a hero, helped a lot of people in this state. He was a war hero.” The bartender said. “I don’t like people who don’t like him.”

“He was a corrupt sack of shit and now he’s dead.” Copeland replied. “Now, am I getting that beer or not?” He asked.

The man sitting at the bar to the right of where Copeland was standing turned in his seat and eyed him with a look. “Vincent said to pay and clear out.” He said, putting a hand up to stop the bartender who was starting to get angry.

“Vincent? What kind of queer name is that?” Copeland asked, deciding that since the Senator hadn’t been much fun, he could at least get some exercise out of someone here. “And you, you should know better than to speak unless spoken to.”

He took the punch on the jaw as he should, hard. It had been telegraphed, but there was no reason to show off that he was a rather well trained fighter until he needed to. No need for the one he was fighting to second guess himself. Copeland let his body sag and saw the smile growing on the face of the other man out of the corner of his eye. He turned and with a low growl drove his shoulder into the man’s midsection, taking the other clear off of his stool and onto the ground. Spear delivered, Copeland rose and bent over the man. “First you speak when not spoken too, and now this?” He asked.

“You sonofa-”

But his response was cut short as claws from each of Copeland’s right fingertips emerged and were thrust into the man’s throat. With a wrenching motion, Christian yanked out the man’s vocal cords. He tossed them onto the bar and held out the now blood stained hand.


A minute later, he’d chugged the beer and set the mug down in the pool of spilt beer that had fallen out of the mug due to the bartender’s shaking, quivering hand. Then he was on his way.

He had work to do.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by Cadden »

OOC: So, after a bit of hiatus, I'm back on this. I have no idea what I'm doing for the next couple of posts (courtesy of one Adam, who never really gave me enough details to run this show on my own).... :?


Wolverine had trekked across the United States, searching for the whereabouts of the HYDRA organization. His interrogation of the agent back at his old cabin proved to be useful, however. He was more than willing to reveal to Wolverine the location of the HYDRA base in America, in exchange for his... dignity, even if he was left to bleed dry in the Rockies. The location was not nearly as far from his previous residence as Wolverine would have imagined. It was a mere two states southward, located, in all placed, within the vast empty expanse of Hinsdale County, Colorado.

He had to hand it to HYDRA, however, they certainly knew how to pick a spot. And did they ever know how to operate from underneath the federal government's very nose. He surveyed the valley area that HYDRA operated out of, nestled between two mountainous ranges that converged upon each other several acres away. It was going to be an effort, but there was no fight Wolverine couldn't walk away from. He would strike at dusk.

"South main entrance reporting," the guard on duty said through his handset, "all quiet on this front." The sun was setting, and the man was just beginning to think about what he would have for dinner when his shift was over. Rumor circulated that pork chops were on the menu tonight, but he wasn't sure if he was much in the mood for pork.

It would be his last thought, along with "What the hell was that sound?", as Wolverine's claws popped from his right hand and impaled the man. He died instantly, and Wolverine eased his body to the floor. Cracking his neck, he quickly made himself invisible. The man was the only one on his shift, but it would only be a matter of time before it was replaced by another. He had to move quick.

Several isolated encampments along the base made reports of suspicious activity, which were quickly silenced through death. At the fifth and final checkpoint, the call managed to get out that they were under attack. The alert level was lifted to Code Red, and Wolverine was now officially on a high profile offensive.

Gunshots rang through the base as HYDRA soldiers tried to shoot him down, but their bullets proved useless. Wolverine, in a blind rage, pounced upon a two-man group attempting to gun him down, decapitating both with one fell swoop, before crouching down and running for some oil barrels. The air continued to be filled with bullets as the HYDRA soldiers attempted to subdue their attacker. Wolverine drove his claws into a barrel and subsequently kicked it down, before pushing it off toward the barracks. He struck his claws against the pavement, the spark causing a trail of fire to follow, before meeting up with the building and creating an explosion. He turned and did the same to the remaining barrels, and soon the base was lit up in flames.

There was still yet work to be done, and Wolverine continued to fight his way toward the command center, cutting down anyone in his way. He finally arrived, and after dispatching of its occupants, began to search through the base's databanks. The information was vast, but it was only a matter of time before he found what he was looking for. HYDRA had two more remote outposts like this in the States, but he could only recover partial information on the headquarters the Director sought to destroy. Wolverine grimaced. It would seem as though each one would hold a piece of the puzzle. Very well. He downloaded the information he needed to a disk before the door opened and five HYDRA soldiers came in, guns honed on him. Wolverine looked at each one in turn. This would be fun.

Moments later, stained with his enemy's blood, Wolverine emerged from the command center. The HYDRA operations here would be temporarily set back, and the rest of Weapon X could come in and run a clean sweep if they wanted. He had his own agenda.

By the time Evan Larkin arrived on the scene, Wolverine was long gone. "He never was one to shy away from a good fight," he commented sourly. Nodding to one of the others with him, he continued, "Send in a squad to find survivors. If he managed to leave any. Find out what he learned."

"Yes sir," the man said, leaving Evan to his own thoughts. I trained you well, pup, he mused. Question is, will that be in our favor, or will you just become another unnecessary casualty?

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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OOC: Okay, so not really one post a week. Damn RL stacked up on itself. The next couple months will be fairly busy, as well, as I'll be doing my annual training days (twice as many, possibly) starting after this weekend, which is drill weekend. So yeah, we'll see what I can pump out, I guess.


The next couple of weeks were interesting to Weapon X. Evan had lead the teams in the rabbit trail that Andrew and left for them, and observed the wreckage of each of the HYDRA outposts the man laid waste to. By the time everything was said and done, the team had managed to catch up to him on the fourth outpost. Remembering what he was ordered, Evan told the rest of the group to stay away from the outpost. He observed through the binoculars as Andrew tore through the place.

"Such an animal," he said. A highly skilled, highly trained animal. Soldier, warrior. But still an animal. It infuriated him that the Director chose Andrew for the adamantium project, but not him. He could take it. He knew he could. And if Andrew survived, there was no contest that he would survive.

Explosions lit up the compound as men barked orders and screamed in agony as they met Andrew's wrath. In a short order of time, the chaos had finally ceased, though what was wrought as a result would linger for days to come. HYDRA ought to be pissed by now, he figured. This should bring them into the open, and then Weapon X could properly deal with them.

As well as bring back the Director's prized possession.

He called in the sweepers, and decided to follow Andrew on his own. He wanted to know firsthand where this would lead.

A few days later, he called it in. A substantial HYDRA operation in the Midwest. Evan knew Andrew wouldn't be able to take it all on his own, and so opted to approach his former partner in a hasty manner. "You know, even with your powers and those claws of yours, you wouldn't make it out of this alive by yourself," he said. Andrew turned around and looked at him. He had calmed down noticeably since he was released from the facility, though still filled with rage.

"I thought I told you to stay out of my way," he warned.

Evan grinned. "You think that just 'cause you got some metal in you, that you can best me in combat, boy?"

"I've managed this far."

"And those were but outposts," he said. "We're looking at a fully fortified base, here."

"Listen, bub," Andrew said, "I don't need you to tell me how to do my job. This is personal; I'm out for blood. I don't give a shit about the Director's plans."

There was a moment of silence, as Evan thought about what to do to address the situation. The Director wanted his pet alive, so attacking him wouldn't do much good for Evan, and even as he was, Andrew's assault on the base would prove suicidal. "Killing them won't bring her back," he said. This triggered a mixture of emotions in Andrew. "What do you seek to accomplish here, if not the Director's goals?"

"They killed her," he said, the tears welling up in his eyes, but controlled by rising anger and rage at the memories. "Their actions demand blood. I don't care who I have to tear through to get to the one responsible for her death, but I will not rest until I see her avenged."

"You can do that, Andrew," he said, "but at least think. You're being irrational. You cannot avenge someone if you're dead. Reinforcements are on their way. Stake it out until the help arrives."

"I don't need your help."

Evan frowned. "I'm sorry... I didn't realize I gave the sense that you had a choice."

The tension in the air between the two was extreme. Evan could tell that Andrew was just looking for an excuse. He relished the thought of just fessing up that he was the one that offed Andrew's girl, but he had to restrain himself. The Director wanted him alive. How unfortunate. He could have done so much better than this pup.

"I am authorized to use brute force to subdue you, if necessary," he continued. "The Director wanted the location of HYDRA's headquarters, you have provided it. Your mission is over. Let us take it from here."

"Can't let you do that, bub. This is my thing. Anyone gets in the way... let's just say, I hope they like shishkabob."

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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“If cooked properly, I don’t mind them.” A voice said, and the two of them turned. A man walked forward with a small smile on his face. “Though, I’m not really partial to Turkish foods, all things considering.” He added.

“Who the hell are you?” Evan asked.

“Me? I’m nobody.” The man said, lifting his arms and shrugging, the black trench coat that he wore moving with him. “Some people call me Christian though.” He said. He pointed at the HYDRA base in the distance. “I’m headed in that direction, you guys wouldn’t happen to know the fastest route in would you?”

“Who do you work for?” Evan said, a low growl in his voice as he stepped in closer. It was obvious that he cared more about who this guy was, as Andrew couldn’t have given a shit. 

“I work for me.” Christian said with a smirk. “You don’t need to worry about me, big man. I’m not here to fight you or the rest of Weapon X. I’ve got a bone to pick with HYDRA and that’s why I’m here. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying the enemy of an enemy is a friend?” He asked. “Well, my version is that the enemy of an enemy is probably someone who isn’t an enemy yet. Thankfully for everyone involved, we haven’t gotten to that point in this relationship.” Christian looked at Snyder. “I’m not offering help or saying that you need it. I’m just saying that I’m going in there too, and if you stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours.”

“Sounds fair.” Snyder replied.

Larkin was far from convinced though.


Less than ten minutes later, Christian Copeland was ripping through HYDRA soldiers and tearing apart the facility. He had made his own way in and he was killing everything in sight. His claws were out and murder was on his mind. He had a reason for being here. Not one that he was going to tell Snyder or Larkin. But he had his reasons. None of these computer systems would be able to be repaired, their hard drives reconstituted. The information contained within wasn’t lost however. Before he had destroyed a particular set of computers and data banks, Christian had uploaded a powerful virus that had copied and transmitted a series of files and folders. Information was what he was after and he had gotten what he was looking for.

If he was willing to admit it, and despite whatever ego he had, Christian was, he wasn’t the best fighter in the building. Snyder probably outclassed him easily, but he could take Larkin. He was here to do his job and get his mission done though, and that was it. Moving through a corridor, he turned to see Snyder, with Adamantium claws out, shredding through a HYDRA soldier. Blood spewed. A limb fell.


The man was a good fighter, Christian had to give it to him. That much was most assuredly true. There was someone charging towards the Wolverine though that tackled him to the ground. With a roll, he had the attacker pinned to the ground, impaled with his claws. When he rose up off the ground, he saw that Christian had closed the distance between them.

“What do you want?”

“I know why I’m here, why are you here? Weapon X doesn’t seem to have that big of a hold on you.”

“Personal reasons.”

“You mean the death of your loved one.” Christian said with a small smile.

“How do you know about that?” Snyder asked, claws out, spoiling for a fight.

“There’s not much I don’t know.” Christian admitted. “Like how she really died.” He added and turned to walk away. Snyder moved into the air and the claws entered Christian’s upper right shoulder. He looked down at them and smiled. “Temper, temper.” He said, wincing with the pain. The claws were removed and the holes started to heal. “How did you know I would heal?” He asked.

“You’re not the only one with eyes, bub. Now talk.”

“Who told you that HYDRA was the one who killed her? Who’s been keeping tabs on you? Who’s been guiding you and trying to get you to fully commit?” Christian asked. “Would it surprise you to know that it wasn’t HYDRA who killed your woman?” He asked. “Make the perfect soldier. Only way to do to that is to create something or someone who can be controlled. You should ask Larkin about it.” He said and then started to walk away again. “Don’t try the stabbing again, Wolverine. You may beat me in a fight, but I’m not really the guy you should be angry at. When you’re ready to take down Weapon X, I’ll find you.”

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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Wolverine scowled as Christian made his departure. He knows something he's not willing to let on, he mused. I don't like it.

But there was a point to be had. The man told him to talk to Evan. But why? It mattered little at this point. There was a mission to finish. HYDRA would pay, and then the Director would get whatever he was looking for out of it, as well. In the end, everyone would be happy.

Everyone but Andrew. If HYDRA really wasn't involved in the death of Selina... then who?

"You should ask Larkin about it." Christian's statement lingered still, even after he had disappeared from Wolverine's sight. He sneered at what he could only deduce was the man's allusion as to who was truly behind her death.

Evan continued to assault the HYDRA base, with the small contingent of soldiers that Weapon X provided him to back him up. He managed to converge on the last known location that Wolverine and that Christian character made their way to, but he lost their trail at that point. He looked around the wrecked collection of makeshift operations bunkers. As his sight fixed on one in particular, a door flew in his direction. His reaction was quick enough to avoid a direct collision, but the corner did leave a nasty gash along his face as he fell to the ground.

Wolverine was quick to follow, as he tackled the man to the ground, and brought back his right fist. "Don't lie to me, Evan!" he yelled in the man's face. "What happened to her?!"

Evan remained surprisingly calm, though his agitation toward the attack was clear on his face. "You already know, Andrew," he simply said. He was about to say something, but quickly changed his mind. "HYDRA killed her. Just as you remember it."

A rather painful blow to the jaw followed. "I can smell your lies." Wolverine's temper was quickly deteriorating. Given what he saw back at the Weapon X complex, that would not lead anywhere pleasant, Evan concluded. Though he was still confident he could handle the beast, his orders remained clear. "So... let's try this again, bub... what happened to her?"

There was a moment of silence. Evan considered the options he had before him. He did not fear Andrew, or what he could do to him... he was more concerned about the Director and his project. His loyalties. "What does it matter?" he finally said. "She's still dead. How is any of this going to help you?"

"Oh, believe me... it helps." A nearby explosion threw Wolverine off of Evan. He used the opportunity to get up and into a better defensible position. Andrew was already back on his feet, but the approaching HYDRA troops have him a new priority target. "We will finish this later," he promised.

* * *

The battle was finally done, and the HYDRA base was mostly in ruin. Evan lead the engineers to their mission critical target and the small handful of Weapon X personnel got to work. Wolverine was somewhere in the base, probably mopping up the enemy operations. During this time, Evan had formulated a plan to subdue him long enough. They would have to get Wolverine back to Weapon X for a debriefing, and to satisfy the Director's needs for him.

He met Wolverine once more outside the main compound of the base, one of the few still-operational structures left standing. The team had recovered the information they sought, and were on their way out of the base. "I take it you're here for unfinished business," Evan declared. He opened his arms to welcome the opportunity. "Feel free. But you'll lose."

There was a moment of silence. "You're keeping the truth from me," Wolverine finally said. "Which means that you know what happened to her. I promise you... I will find out. What is between you and me... well, we ain't done yet, bub. Not by a long shot. I want to know what happened to her, which means, against my better judgment... I'm gonna let you live. But if I find out..."

As Wolverine trailed off, Evan spoke up. "Believe me, Andrew, ignorance is bliss. You won't like what you learn." But if I get the chance to put you down... I'll gladly comply. His problem with Andrew did not reside with Andrew himself. It was the fact that the Director seemed to favor him more. He got the adamantium-bonding process. He received the special treatment. He was sent on the more dangerous and, by default, more fun missions. It annoyed Evan to no end. He was willing to be a little... flexible... if it meant getting what he wanted, however. "But I can guarantee you this," he continued. "You won't learn shit by killing me. You want to know what happened to her? Return with me to base. You'll find the truth is far closer to home than you can possibly imagine."

Wolverine wasn't fond of the prospect of going back. But did he have much of a choice? They'd likely track his movements if he managed to escape. There were enough Weapon X soldiers around, and in addition to Evan he probably had a good chance of being captured regardless. He was good, but in these circumstances, he wasn't that good. "Fine," he said. "We'll play it your way. For now."

Evan grinned. "Then let's go."

* * *

The trip back to base was interesting, to say the least. Despite the subdued desire for bloodshed between the two, the tension in the convoy truck remained high. They arrived at their location and Wolverine was escorted back into the compound. It was an armed escort, and by his side was Evan. He was suddenly overwhelmed by something familiar. The notion of feeling like a caged animal. His instincts kicked in, and Wolverine was instantly alert for anything amiss around him.

"Ah... Wolverine... welcome back," the Director said, approaching the cadre. "You have helped Weapon X out in ways you cannot begin to imagine. And you got a bit of revenge in the process."

"If you say so," Wolverine merely said.

This struck a reaction from the Director. "I don't think you fully appreciate what we have done for you," he commented dryly. He nodded to the soldiers. "Take him to his room." Evan began to walk with them. "Not you."

As the group disappeared, the Director continued. "What happened out there?"

"I think you know," Evan said.

"But I want to hear it from you."

He thought a moment. "He's questioning what happened to the girl," he said. "I didn't tell him anything, don't worry about that. But he doesn't believe us that HYDRA did it."

The Director frowned. "Does he suspect the truth?" he asked. Evan merely shrugged. "We'll wipe his memories again. That should do the trick."

"I don't think that's the problem," Evan said. "We encountered someone else out there. A man who claims no allegiance, yet wanted to see HYDRA gone as much as we do. I think he had something to do with it."

“Did anyone witness the girl’s death?” Evan remained silent for a number of reasons. One was that he didn’t have any answer nor was in any mood to give one. The other was that a Weapon X aide had walked up, holding a folder marked for the Director. He wasn’t able to make out much on it, other than the fact that the word “Domino” was splayed across it, the largest letters out of the front cover. The Director took it and opened it looking down at it. He nodded slowly. “I have enough problems as it is. A member of the family, now going rogue. I have to send people after her to bring her back into the fold. I’m nothing but a father who tries to take care of his children. I want you to find this man. He could prove fatal to our operation. You’ll leave tomorrow to track him down and bring him in.”

"He's dangerous," Evan admitted. "I don't feel comfortable taking him on as-is." He paused a second. "Put me through the bonding process."

The Director gave him a scolding look. "You assume to tell me what to do?" he said. "You are my best soldier, I don't want to see you -"

"Don't lie to me. I can tell you favor him." Evan gave him a long look. "Give it to me straight, Director. Why not me?"

He paused. "I already told you," he said.

"You value him over me... and you put him through the process."

The Director remained silent. "You leave tomorrow," he repeated. "Find this man, and bring him in. Any threat to this project needs to be neutralized."

Evan watched as the Director walked off. The conversation clearly did not sit well with him. Don't worry, Director, he mused, I won't disappoint.

Wolverine's "room" was much more akin to a cage. And his placement there wasn't exactly what made him feel like a welcome member of a family. More like the family dog, being shoved in his kennel for the night. What a warm and hearty bunch. It didn't exactly make him feel very wanted. Needed, yes, but not wanted.

His thoughts started to drift. To the man named Christian and what he said. To Evan and what he said. To the Director and what he told him. Evan did not deny Wolverine's claims that he was lying, but he did not claim it was the truth, either. He was right, he finally deduced. That Christian fella was right. They have been lying to me. But then... who killed her?

The answer was closer than he could ever believe possible. Evan Larkin approached his cell, and gave him an unusually indifferent look. "You still want to know what happened to her?" he asked. Wolverine looked at him. So he did know the truth. Evan looked around a moment, as if genuinely concerned of what would become of him if he spilled the beans. This place... this program... we are claimed to be a part of a family, but think about it. It's Weapon X. The program itself isn't the weapon. We are. You are. And we are controlled. You... you are controlled with false memories. Some of us could only be so lucky. I remember what happened explicitly."

Evan went on to describe the situation, taking care that nobody was within earshot to hear the tale. When he was done, he just looked at Wolverine for a moment. His anger, his rage, was escalating to levels that could only be found in a wild, untamed animal, trapped by those hunting it, defending its cubs from them.

Perhaps this wasn't the best idea, he reflected. He could not take back what he said, however, nor claim it to be false. It was clear that Wolverine could detect the truth, and he knew that Evan was not lying.

Andrew sneered, and with a snikt sound of metal scraping against metal, is six claws popped out. "Ooh, shiny," Evan said with a grin.

"You're gonna die for what you did to her!" Wolverine shouted. With a few swift strokes, he was easily through the dense metallic door that kept him from the outside of his cell, and leaped at Evan. Evan dodged out of the way, though not fast enough to avoid injury, and took several deep cuts in his arm. He grumbled, as his healing factor took effect to seal the wounds.

"Do you even know how to kill me?" Evan asked, full of genuine curiosity.

Wolverine raised one of his fists up, his claws forming a makeshift barricade between his face and Evan. "I'm gonna cut your God damn head off," he promised. "See if that works."

Evan's grin bared his long incisors, and he brought himself down low, arms spread out, as his nails grew into animal-like claw length. All this reminded Wolverine easily of a saber-toothed cat. He charged against Evan and brought his claws forward violently against his new enemy. Evan roared and mirrored the attack, pouncing forward on all fours. Wolverine's jab forward narrowly missed Evan's head as he ducked it down, and leaped into his abdomen, sending Andrew crashing to the floor. He made up for it by stabbing Evan in the right chest, narrowly missing his heart, and using his lower body's increasing momentum to launch him over his head.

Wolverine rolled to his feet as Evan slid into the wall. He charged after the temporarily downed man, and as Evan got to his feet both claws pierced his body, bringing a roar of pain from his mouth. He used all of his strength to shove Wolverine off of him, and slashed his claws against Wolverine's face. The temporary distraction from the pain allowed Evan enough time to grapple him against another wall. As Wolverine collided with it, and Evan's claws stuck into his gut, his rage took over. He jabbed both sets of claws into Evan's shoulders and with a vengeful roar, used him as a battering ram to obliterate the window that overlooked a garage area below.

Evan was the first to hit the floor. Wolverine brought his right fist back, intent on following through with his promise, when alarm klaxons began to sound. This distracted him enough for Evan to get a couple of jabs in. He haphazardly responded by sending his claws into the man's skull. Wolverine knew the blow didn't kill him, only rendered him unconscious. He was about to finish what he started when the door burst open and several armed guards poured into the room, forcing Wolverine to detach from the body and defend himself.

From the security center, the Director approached the consoles to see what the commotion was about. The man operating them had the cameras in the garage area affixed to the fight. He cursed. "The animal is loose," he said sourly. "Send in all we've got. He cannot leave here."

"Yes, Director." The man went about making the call. The monitors not focused on the garage were suddenly littered with Weapon X soldiers, intent on pouring in on Wolverine's position.

The Director also noted Evan's body. "Is he dead?" he asked.

"No, sir. The blow was not direct, it merely grazed him."

He squinted. "Can you zoom in, get a better shot?" The man complied. "That looks like..." His eyes widened. "If there's anyone else available... send them in, as well. Even other members of the Team, if you have to."

The man looked back at him. "Sir?"

He pointed to the holes where Wolverine's claws were. "Where do you think his claws lead to?"

In the garage, Wolverine was at work, dismembering limbs, decapitating heads, and penetrating vital organs with his claws. He even used a few bodies as shields from rounds of bullets. He just finished with the tenth soldier when he turned to see Evan get back up. He pointed his claws to him. "I'm not through with you yet, bub," he said.

"Andrew, wait..." Even started, but Wolverine was already on the move. He collided with Evan, sending him to the floor once again. While it did occur to him that Evan barely put up resistance to the lunge, it did not ease him. "It wasn't my fault!" he yelled. He was not pleading for his life, Wolverine noticed, and momentarily stayed his hand to hear the man out. "The Director... he intends to control us... use us for his own ends."

"Why should I trust you?" Wolverine said. "You killed her right in front of me! I watched her die!"

"Each member of the project is implanted with a chip... at will, the Director can control us and make us do his bidding. He ordered her death. While I did the deed, it's no better than the hands that control the puppet." He paused. "I'm not asking for life, nor forgiveness, Andrew. He's called the hounds, possibly even other members of the Team. You need me to get out of here. He can't control me so long as I don't have a chip that can influence my actions. I'm getting out, and I can help you get out. Together, we can bring down the project...."

Andrew considered his words for a moment. "Sorry, bub... no dice."

As he brought his arm down to finish the job, something wrapped around his neck, and yanked him away. Wolverine gasped for air, but the metallic tendrils were too tight and restricted his airways. Evan got up and as Wolverine's vision began to blur, the man approached him. "... Knew... couldn't... trust you...." he gasped.

"Sorry," Evan said, "it isn't that simple." His consciousness slipped for a moment. When it regained, he saw Evan fly back against the wall. He spun to see the other mutant approach, the tendrils dangling from the base of his palms.

"Well fought," he said to Evan, "but not well enough." He brought his right hand back and, upon throwing it forward, the tendril sprang loose, speeding toward Evan. Wolverine lunged forward and brought his claws down. They scraped against the metallic objects, though did not cut further than a couple centimeters. He scowled as another tendril lashed out and sent him sprawling to the ground. The mutant retracted both until they were but a dozen inches from his hands.

"I hate to say it," Wolverine said, getting up as Evan joined him at his side, "but you got a point. Not that I care, but you all right, there... Sabretooth?"

Evan gave him a quizzical look, before taking note and, interestingly, accepting Wolverine's monicker for him. "I've had worse," he said. "Shall we?"

"Yeah, who is this clown?" Wolverine asked.

"He calls himself Omega Red," Sabretooth said. "Another member of the Team. We don't know his real name... was never at liberty to say, and there's nothing on him. You'd know this, if your memory wasn't worth shit."

He chose to ignore the comment. His enemy was not Sabretooth. Not now. "I guess this means I gotta accept your offer," he said. "Let's do this." The two joined together in charging after Omega Red, intent on putting him down fast.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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But put him down fast was something that they were having a hard time doing some minutes later. Omega Red as Sabretooth had called him, had one of his whips wrapped around Sabretooth’s arm. He yanked back towards himself, and pulled Sabretooth towards him. There was an express purpose as to why he was doing it, since he was making no attempt to attack Sabretooth otherwise. His purpose became clear as he twisted, turning the other man into a leaping forward Wolverine. The adamantium claws were buried into Sabretooth’s back and the other howled in pain. Omega Red retracted the whips and took a few steps back to inspect his handiwork. When he did, he got a chance to see the two men untangle themselves. Wolverine didn’t bother to apologize, he just moved forward, his claws out and ready to kill. Omega Red dodged the attack, it had been easy to see where it was coming from. All anger and speed, but without substance. The one that he was fighting clearly had the ability to be a better combatant, but the mind was what was holding him back. Focus wasn’t included in his overall plan, just to strike and cause damage.


Sabretooth was the one trying to set up some kind of strategy, but it wasn’t working, since every time he tried to, Wolverine ruined the momentum that he was aiming for, by charging head long at his enemy.

“Not going to work.” A voice said, and Wolverine turned as he rose to his feet from one of Omega Red’s counters.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Well, for one, I want you to stop running straight at him like a bull in Spain.” Christian Copeland said. “He’s got the height advantage on you and more importantly, he has the reach. You can’t get close in where those claws matter.”

“Are you going to help or just stand there talking out your ass?” Sabretooth asked.

“Well, little kitten, I figured I’d lend a hand.”

Then he was off.

Omega Red knew that he had a challenge now. Not because the newcomer was better than the other two, but because now it was a three on one fight. He did bring a new skillset and moveset to the table though, that was for sure. When Red thought that his enemy was going to go left, he went right, up but not down. It was less of the raw power of Wolverine, but more cunning, more intelligent attacks. Wolverine was too angry and too full of rage to be thinking everything through. He was banking on brute strength solving his problems. Omega Red had no doubt that in a different situation that Wolverine would be able to give him a run for his money. But this was not that situation.

Fists, claws, feet, and tentacles moved in a delicate and complex concert, a testament to the beauty of combat. The combatants themselves were silent, but a pin drop couldn’t have been heard in the room, due to the damage wreaked upon the room itself. Above all else the sound of metal on metal and claws on metal reigned supreme in the eardrums of the fighters, as all four fought on, each for different reasons, each for different goals, but the definitive congruent thread being nothing short of survival.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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"Sir, the soldiers are moving in on their position, now," the man at the console informed the Director. "They'll be joining the fight within seconds."

The Director merely nodded in response. Omega Red was one of the most qualified for the task, and he would have sent in Deadpool as well, if he weren't out in the field.

His options, as they were, were extremely limited.

As such, he had to make do with Omega Red and the soldiers that would be joining him momentarily.

Wolverine tried to blitz Omega Red while Sabretooth and Christian tangled with him on their own terms, but just as he got close enough to put on the real hurt, their adversary lashed out with a tentacle and caused him to fly back against the wall. He got back up and grunted, rubbing his head. He's just too damn fast, he thought. And our new ally there only barely leveled the playing field. Something needed to be done, and fast, before they lost whatever advantage they had on him.

The doors to the room where the brawl was taking place opened up and in poured more of the Director's lackeys. Wolverine snarled and took to action against the newcomers. They would provide a tactical advantage that neither of the three unwitting allies could afford. His claws went through the forearm of one of the guards before he spun around and slashed deep into the chestplate of another, causing severe bleeding as the man's heart was torn open. Wolverine grappled the dying soldier and threw him toward Omega Red, before being battered aside by one of his tendrils.

The resulting distraction was just enough for Sabretooth to slash his claws across Red's face. The other mutant sneered and threw the free tendril against Sabretooth's midsection, though he was anticipating the reaction, and grappled the implant. Christian managed to slash the other side of Omega Red's face, while dodging his free tendril.

Wolverine took down four more guards before he wrestled an assault rifle away and started firing at the other group. This caused them to disperse into cover, while he continued to work on the first group that poured in. He smashed in the face of one of the guards with the butt of the rifle, while using a free hand to drive his claws into the gut of another guard.

Omega Red finally managed to wrestle his free tendril away from Sabretooth, and throw the mutant back, but he got right back up and charged after him once more. Gunfire began to pick up around them once more, but only from the one direction. They couldn't afford to lose their ground on Red, else their fight would be lost. He dodged one of the tendrils before lunging at Omega Red's exposed body, but the window of opportunity wasn't long enough for him to get close enough, and the other tendril found itself wrapping around his midsection, pinning his arms to his sides.

"I thought you were better than this, Evan," he said dryly. "You disappoint me." It was now one on one, though for how long he could last he wasn't certain.

Wolverine finished off the last of the group he was in melee range with, and turned just to see Sabretooth bound up by the red armored mutant. He brought the assault rifle up and fired several shots at Omega Red, some of the rounds impacting harmlessly against his chest. One, however, managed to graze his head as he tried to get out of the way. Wolverine turned his attention to the other guards and fired the remaining rounds at them, downing several in the process, before discarding the weapon.

Omega Red flung his free tendril at Christian with a force unmatched, causing him to crash against a nearby crate. It wasn't enough to keep Christian down, but it was enough for him to do his handiwork. He began to draw out Sabretooth's life force from his body, allowing it to begin to heal the wounds he suffered. Just as Christian was re-orientating himself, Omega Red tossed Sabretooth's weakened body aside, against some of the guards.

"Fools!" Omega Red said, "you cannot defeat me!"

"I can, you stinkin' octopus." It seemed a losing battle, but Wolverine would not count himself out yet. He rushed Omega Red, dodging to the right to avoid one of the tendrils and rolling forward to avoid the other. As he got up, and brought his left fist forward so that his claws impacted one of the tendrils. Omega Red rebounded for but a moment, before lashing out with the other, to which Wolverine also managed to scrape with his claws. Soon, he was within reach of the mutant and lunged at him, sending him to the ground. Wolverine straddled his midsection and brought his right fist back. "Night night, bub," he said.

The claws impacted against Omega Red's armor, over his heart, but rather than penetrating like Wolverine had expected, they only managed to scrape by, leaving some noticeable, though nowhere near damaging, claw marks in their wake. Omega Red merely chuckled.

"Forgot about my carbonadium armor, didn't you?" he said, a bit amused. Wolverine brought his arm back up, intending on aiming much higher, but he was too late, as one of the tendrils wrapped around the arm, while the other wrapped around his midsection. He started to drain Wolverine's life force, and after a brief moment, he threw Wolverine across the room, incapacitating him. Omega Red turned to Christian. "And then there was one...."

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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The one that was left standing didn’t say a word, he just moved forward. The strategy was that there was no strategy. Omega Red’s cables lashed out and he ducked one before scratching at another. The cable whipped backwards and launched out again. This time, Christian grabbed it and yanked, using it to wrap around another tentacle. Grabbing the new one, he yanked again, forcing Omega Red to spin a bit. This gave him the leverage that he need to move underneath the normally watchful eye of the tentacles, and deliver a series of body shots. But he didn’t have enough time to do much, since the tentacles unraveled themselves rather easily and then his foe was pushing him back.

“You’re alone.”

Christian picked up a discarded assault rifle. He squeezed off a few shots as he took a couple steps back. The tendrils whipped up, blocking the rounds.

“Discretion, the better part of valor?” Omega Red asked, with a smile. It appeared as though Christian was abandoning the two men that were lying on the ground, that had temporarily been his his allies.

Christian shrugged, firing sporadically.

Only after a few more moments did it make sense. Red’s concentration was full on Christian, giving Sabretooth the time that he needed to get up, as the first person who had been affected by the life force drain. Red’s sneer turned into a look of determination as Christian started running forward, firing the assault rifle full on now. The tentacles defended their master. Sabretooth charged forward, silently. Omega Red was hit by the spear, and shoved forward, throwing him severely off balance. As he stumbled forward, his eyes widened. Christian was running at him and then he jumped. Planting his feet firmly on the wall next to Omega Red, Christian grabbed his foe’s head in a front facelock. Pushing off from the wall, he spun in the air, over Sabretooth and then let his body drop.

Omega Red was spun around and slammed face first into the ground, knocking him out cold. Christian rolled to a crouched position, his eyes up at Sabretooth, before he slowly rose. “Shall we?” He asked, gesturing towards Wolverine.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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Sabretooth regarded Wolverine's unconscious form with little interest. He cared nothing for the other's fate, and was just as contented with leaving him here to the Director's machinations. However, something told him that Christian wouldn't be very keen on the same idea. He doubted that the two formed any kind of friendship or trust, but he had a feeling that it was in his best interests to get Andrew out of Weapon X. Permanently.

And while he had a good chance of taking Christian down himself, it would have been far too costly in terms of time and energy, that all might be for naught.

Grudgingly, Sabretooth scooped Wolverine up and slung him over his shoulder. "Let's go," he simply said. "Before they find more fodder to throw at us and waste our time." Not to mention any other members of the Team.

As they made their way out of the complex, Wolverine came to. "Ugh... not the kind of image I wanted to wake up to," he said. Sabretooth immediately discarded Wolverine. "So, Sabretooth's got himself a soft spot, then?"

He grunted. "No," he said. "I would have loved nothing more for you to be stuck in that God-forsaken shit hole for the rest of your days."

"Then why bother?" Wolverine pressed. "What changed your mind?"

Sabretooth cast a sparing glance at their unforeseen ally, but made no allusion to his real reason. "Our chances of escape are greater if all three of us work together," he lied through his teeth. Was he intimidated by this other mutant? He did manage to take down Omega Red in their most dire hour, with little need of assistance. Something that not even Sabretooth has managed to make claim to. He refused to let the subject linger. "We're nearly out. But standing around chit-chatting won't grant us our freedom."

With little resistance left to offer, Weapon X failed to recapture the renegade mutants, and all three managed to escape the facility. It was only when they were a distance certain of ensuring their freedom that Sabretooth spoke once more. "We part ways here," he said. "Harder for them to track three separately, than three together."

"You and I ain't done, yet, bub," Wolverine said, popping his claws and pointing one set at him. "You still gotta to answer for what you did."

"Perhaps, but not today." Sabretooth turned his back to Wolverine. "You can try to kill me, but you will fail. And you will bring Weapon X down on us in the process. And what will that grant you?"

Wolverine hesitated for a moment, but he knew Sabretooth was right, and retracted his claws. "We are not finished with this," he repeated.

"There is no doubt." Sabretooth looked over his shoulder. "But right now, I believe we all have a common enemy, here. Weapon X. Each of us has our own reason for bringing it down. I do not doubt that we will cross paths again."

With those words spoken, Sabretooth disappeared into the wilderness. Wolverine stood there, watching him leave, desperately wishing to end their fight from earlier. But he did save my hide, he reminded himself. Even if it was not of noble intent, I owe him this much. He refused to follow the man, and instead looked at Christian. "I suppose I should be thanking you for your help back there," he said. "Doesn't change the fact that I don't know you, and my first instinct is to not trust you. However, as you said... the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So I'm gonna be all friendly-like, and simply walk away from this." He had a feeling this wasn't the last he'd see of Christian, though whether that was good or bad, he could not decide. The man kept his intentions well hidden, and no amount of reading into his expressions, sniffing out lies, or listening to fluctuations in his voice gave Andrew any better indication.

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Re: Wolverine: The Most Dangerous Game

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Christian nodded. "Trust is earned, never given free of charge. That's true." He said. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small box, that looked like an external hard drive. Small, custom built from the looks of it. "Here. This is information on Weapon X's activities abroad. There may be a lot of heat on you in the States, but you could easily go overseas and cause some damage there. Myself, I have things to do in Africa. If you need to contact me, there's information on the hard drive as to how to do just that." He said.

He started walking away. "Best of luck, Wolverine." He added, before he kept going, until he couldn't be seen anymore.

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