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Star Wars Exodus is a Star Wars roleplaying board establised in 2003. Formed from the exodus of roleplayers from the old Star Wars Galaxies RP boards, due to their closure to non-players of the game. Exodus is now, the best place to write star wars roleplaying fiction on the web, whether you want to roleplay a Jedi, a Sith, an Imperial, Rebel or Bounty Hunter - this is a friendly, welcoming community with a host of great stories ready to join. Star wars roleplaying has never been so easy or so much fun, so enter, get roleplaying, and have fun!

Star Wars Fanfic

Star Wars Roleplaying not your thing? Simply want to read some great Starwars Fanfic? Then you've come to the right place. Here at Exodus: Star Wars Roleplaying Board, we have nearly ten years worth of collaborative star wars fan fiction sitting waiting to be read. Got a story in mind yourself? Want to write some Starwars fanfic in a place where it will be read and appreciated? Then welcome, sign up today, and start writing your own Starwars Fan Fiction immediately.

Click on the Visual Encycopedia image to read more of our history and find out what state our galaxy is in, or alternatively go straight to the star wars roleplaying forum and introduce yourself!

New to Starwars Roleplaying ?

Star wars roleplaying is basically a form of collaborative writing, effectively collaboratively writing Starwars fanfic. You choose a character you want to roleplay, and you write a post on our forum stating what they are doing. Others will write what their characters are doing, and through this process stories are created whereby you decide your characters actions. There are no dice rolls or stat sheets in this form of roleplaying. So if you've ever been frustrated by the limited choices you are presented with when playing a commercial Star Wars Computer game, or wish to explore the Star Wars Universe in more depth, it's locations, it's technology or it's characters then this might be for you. All you need for starwars roleplaying is imagination and a desire to write.

Starwars Roleplaying Quick Start Guide

1. Go to the General OOC Forum and introduce yourself.

2. Ask for help if needed, at Exodus : Star Wars Roleplaying; we don't just complain about not reading the FAQ and post links, we actually help!

3. Go to the Roleplaying OOC Forum and have a scan through the threads currently being discussed. We don't only do Star Wars Roleplaying at Exodus : Star Wars Roleplaying, we also have a World Of Heroes RP Forum for those who wish to Role Play a super hero, mutant or super villain and we have a Spiral Of Worlds RP Board. Where literally anything goes, any fantasy setting, a video game perhaps? Some wierd dream you had? You choose the setting.

4. If you want to dive straight into Star Wars Roleplaying, then you need to choose a board to write on. We have three options here, firstly our Exodus Galaxy Star Wars Roleplaying Board which is our own timeline with it's own history, characters and governments. This timeline continued from the events of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, but is now [18/08/2011] set 18 years after the battle of Yavin. This is the most popular board and the easiest place to join an existing thread. If you prefer to write Starwars Roleplaying at the time of the Original Trilogy, then the Starwars Roleplaying : The Rebellion Era Forum is the place for you. Roleplayers looking to write in the same era as the Starwars : The Old Republic MMORPG should write in the Starwars Roleplaying : The Old Republic Forum . Finally for those of you who want to RP a canon character or a cross-over thread, or any era not covered then we have the Starwars Roleplaying: The Stories Board.

5. Having chosen a board to do your Roleplaying on, find a thread that sounds interesting, and either ask to join in the OOC Forum, or send a private message to the thread creator. Some threads might be listed as [Open] in which case, one and all is invited and you can jump straight in.

6. Having found a thread in which to start Roleplaying, choose your character, you need a race, a gender, a name and a rough idea of who they are, are they a Bounty Hunter? A merchant? A Dark Jedi? A Freighter Pilot? It's your choice.

7. Having chosen your character and thread, start writing. Do not write other peoples abilities or actions, give them a chance to react. So, for example; you can't write 'Zajek slammed his fist into Elvins jaw sending him tumbling to the floor, knocking tables over...' but you can write, 'Zajek threw a punch at Elvins jaw, his punch was strong and his aim was true.' because if you write the second example, Elvins owner could write, 'Elvin saw the attack out of the corner of his eye, and barely ducked in time. Rising he tried to kick his attackers knee out, to knock him off balance.'

Another example, you can't write 'Zajek aimed his blaster at Evins head and pulled the trigger, the shot rang true and left a neat black hole on both sides of the head, while Elvin collapsed to the floor - dead.' but you could write; 'Zajek aimed his blaster at Evins head and pulled the trigger.'

If you see people writing things happening to other peoples characters, then it is because they have agreed to it previously via private message or simply have been roleplaying together for so long that they know what that know how to write for each other.

8. Unlike the typical Star Wars Roleplaying Board, we don't have a strict set of rules stating that you can't play a Jedi until you've been a member for 5 years and if you do, you have to start as a Force Sensitive and spend 6 months Roleplaying their finding a Master. We are about the stories, not about rules. We would encourage anyone to start weak, then build up - but there are no rules to enforce this. A character whose progress has been Roleplayed out well, for a long period will be better accepted and you will find more people willing to join your Roleplaying Story.

9. Once you've been roleplaying a character for a while, write a wikia article on them, so the rest of the board and read their summarised history - lots of forum members are happy to help with this.

10. Have fun! The main point of the Exodus : Star Wars Roleplaying Board is to have fun, and improve your writing skills.

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The original Starwars Roleplaying Board, the first Starwars Roleplaying Forum!
The first Star Wars Roleplaying Board, the original Star Wars Roleplaying Forum!






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